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What can you say about "Matchbox"? A Carl Perkins, Sun Records classic.

Lead singer Ringo nearly curled up and died behind his drumkit when the legendary composer dropped in on the session! "I did it just two days before I went in the hospital (with tonsilitis) so please forgive my throat", Mr Starr explained — but there's really no apology due: who could've told with that voice of his, anyhow...

In Britain, it was only issued as part of the Long Tall Sally EP, though it formed part of the American Something New album. It got to be his first vocal on a single there, too, with "Slow Down" on the back.

Ringo seemed to take it all in his stride — as he says in the song:

If you don't want my peaches, honey,
Please don't shake my tree!

It's a fairly faithful rendition, which 'The Rockabilly King' must've been happy enough with, as they duetted it years later. On the record, Lennon steals the lead breaks from George, too busy concentrating on holding down the rhythm on his newly-acquired twelve-string to be really bothered. Paul and Ringo give him all the guidance he needs, anyway, with George Martin tinkling in some tasty piano to boot.

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