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"Maggie Mae"

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"Maggie Mae", a fragment of an old Liverpool folk song, and one of the innumerable mess-about jams which The Beatles used to alleviate the tensions of the Get Back/Let It Be sessions, can only have been placed at the close of side one to offset the grandeur of the eventual album's title track. Whose idea it was remains undisclosed...

Affecting their bawdiest Liverpool accents to recount the seedy tale of that dairty, no good, robbin' whore who frequented the city's Lime Street railway station, the boys were obviously 'avin' a lorra fun (a rare event at the time); and, fancyin' thur chances, they paid her a fair few visits over the month. That said, there's little of real musical substance to the forty-second quickie included on the album. Crediting the 'arrangement' to all four of 'em carried the joke a little further.

For this reason, "they 'ave taken 'er away" from the Naked release.

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