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Love Songs

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Beatles "Love Songs" 1977 double-LP vinyl album cover art
Love Songs is, amazingly enough, a compilation of Beatles love songs. It was first released by Capitol in October 1977, the Parlophone issue coming a month later.

A double album, the majority of the material is Lennon/McCartney's. George gets two tracks, "I Need You" and, obviously, "Something". There's just one cover: Buddy Holly's "Words Of Love".

All in all, it's a decent enough selection of the band's softer side, and — perhaps surprisingly — Paul takes only a slight advantage: eleven songs to John's ten, and one co-write ("Tell Me What You See": though that one had been 60-40 Paul; according to Paul, at least).

We have the ups and the downs of the love thing, and there are a few nice little surprises amongst the more predictable content. "Follow The Sun" and "Every Little Thing" are amongst the more interesting Maccatunes; while "I'll Be Back" and "It's Only Love" provide imaginative choices from Lennon's pen.

The presentation was particularly elaborate: early issues came in a brown leather-look sleeve, with the band's portrait embossed in simulated gold-leaf. The accompanying booklet had the lyrics 'handwritten' on 'parchment paper'. Limited edition yellow vinyl pressings were also available.

Why yellow, I ask...

It was officially deleted in the late '80s, and has never been issued on CD.
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