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"Long Tall Sally"

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The Beatles' "Long Tall Sally" EP sleeve
"Long Tall Sally" is a roistering Little Richard rocker, which had long been part of The Beatles' live set. The scandalous tale of Uncle John's extra-marital encounters with the lusty lady of the title was first released in America on The Beatles' Second Album, then as the lead track of a British EP, shortly before A Hard Day's Night. Their BBC rendition had been broadcast a good few months ahead of either release, in August '63.

'Course, if yer gonna take on the great Mr Penniman at his own game, yer gonna have to pull out all the stops — and the boys didn't let him down in the slightest! Tonsil-tearing vocal from McCartney (who's still justifiably miffed that they had 'John' sing it in the Backbeat movie), with full-on backing from one and all. Ringo's on a roll virtually from start to finish, while John and George vie to out-rock each another all the way, with the Penniman-style piano probably being pounded by the producer — not that they ever really missed him live.

Ev'rything's alright:
We're gonna have some fun,
Some fun tonight!
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