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"Little Child"

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Lennon referred to "Little Child" as 'a knock-off', while McCartney called it 'a work job: and who am I to disagree? It bops along breezily enough, but with those formulaic "c'mon"s and "oh yeah"s, it's clearly little more than a fast-paced, fun filler. It was probably originally intended as the 'Ringo track' for the With album, and it would've been nice to've heard him give it a crack.

Johnny Rhythm handles the vocal well enough, anyway: once again there's that leering tone which makes it pretty obvious he was more interested in what the babe in question would do for him after the dance was over...

Paul's piano reiterates the insistency along with some lecherous licks from young George, but it's Lennon's harmonica playing which really stands out on the track: some of the dirtiest, bluesiest notes ever to have been squeezed from a chromatic!

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