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"Lady Madonna" [LOVE version]

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The salty taste and sunshine don't linger long, however. There's a roll of thunder and the sound of footsteps on the beach... A few chuckles, c'mon then... That's not on the beach, it's "In The Road"!!!

But just as you're getting ready to 'do it', in cut the kazoos and falsettos from "Lady Madonna".

While it's far from my favourite Beatles' song, her conception here is immaculate. Those drums continue to sit oh so neatly behind the bop-bops and the building bassline, bringing in the saxophone:

See how they run!

Paul's piano presages the first vision of the Virgin proper, but the Martins don't hesitate to take plenty more liberties with the Lady. That they jack-knifed in the Bulldog comes as no real surprise, the two songs having always been two sides of the same coin (though not the same record).

Far more radical, though equally effective, is the way they manage to manipulate Billy's Heavy keyboards and Clappy's Weeping Guitar to make ends meet.

A further flourish of Ronnie Scott's squiggly sax finishes it off, sending things right back to the Anthology takes.

Heaven sent!

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