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"I've Just Seen A Face"

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Fair enough, all Four of the Fabs had previously revealed their country/folk leanings — but "never quite like this (la-la-la-ly-di-dy)". Let's face it, trade those fast 'n' furious finger pickin' acoustic geetars in "I've Just Seen A Face"'s intro for a banjo and a fiddle, and any authentic Appalachian hillbilly would've bin proud to've come up with a toon like this "(la-la-la-ly-di-dy)".

"It keeps dragging you forward... it keeps pulling you to the next line. There's an insistent quality about it", said composer McCartney — just about summing it up. The incessant musical drive, coupled with the tumbling, head-over-heels lyric, couldn't possibly capture the delirious first throes of love any better. And oh what fun he had singing it, with all those ebullient dum-di-dums, "yes!" If "Ticket To Ride" had got The Byrds flying, I can't help but wonder if Messrs Simon and Garfunkel weren't "Feelin' Groovy" over this one too.

Falling, yes I am falling,
And she keeps calling me back again...

Having said that, S and G would've had to've waited a while longer: in the US, the song featured as part of Rubber Soul, not Help!, providing the opener for the Capitol issue.

"I have never known" whether I knew the original or the Wings Over America take first — probably more or less simultaneously as a nipper — but it was one of a very small handful of 'old stuff' that Paul played on that tour. One thing's for sure though, "the like of this" was never before or again heard from The Beatles: a truly unique and brilliant song.

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