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"It Won't Be Long"

Categories: Beatles songs

By the time their second album was released, "She Loves You" had firmly established "Yeah Yeah Yeah" as a Beatle trademark. Here it is again in "It Won't Be Long", though this time with a frenetic call-and-response twist (and shout) to it. I've heard this track described as 'one of the world's first punk records': and, what with those clanking guitars and soundly thrashed drums and cymbals in the off-beat verses, plus Lennon's full-on fiery vocal, it's not such a bad analogy!

Strictly non-punk, however, is the sophisticated slide into the mid-section, with Paul and George's spotless harmonies weaving effortlessly in and out of the lead to add to the delerium. Typically Beatley wordplay in the lyric, as well:

It won't be long
Till I
be-long to you...

The slick melodic shift at the close is equally vintage. The song may have been ditched as a proposed single, but it made a cracking little opener for With The Beatles!
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