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"I'm Looking Through You"

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George's cheery twelve-string intro to "I'm Looking Through You" (which he later kind of recycled at the "End Of The Line" with the Wilburys) gives little indication of the blistering attack which Paul was about to launch here.

He begins innocently enough, seemingly seeking some kind of explanation for the growing distance he sensed in his relationship, bouyed up by the bouncy backing of his bandmates:

I'm looking through you; where did you go?
I thought I knew you; what did I know?

Then, as the whole thing erupts with Ringo's ham-fisted Hammond fills, all of McCartney's indignation and pent-up frustration starts to spew out:

You're not the same!!!

There's a real edge to his vocal here: truly one of his finest emotional outbursts. Whoever was to blame for the growing rift, the pain and confusion he was obviously feeling makes this a truly compelling performance. There's also such a streak of egoism in his one-sided reasoning that I'm actually quite amazed that Jane didn't tell him to sling his hook there and then, rather than sticking it out for another couple of years:

Why, tell me why did you not treat me right?
Love has a nasty habit of disappearing overnight.

Wrong. It usually dwindles slowly until it finally fades all together. And talking of how to treat your loved one, Paul's infidelities are well-documented, demonstrating that it takes two to fall apart just as much as to fall in love... Nevertheless, he clearly didn't see it that way, as he spat those holier-than-thou "You're down there/You're nowhere" accusations.

"You've changed, you've changed, you've changed", not me. Maybe that was the real root of the problem...
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