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"I'm Happy Just To Dance With You"

Categories: Beatles songs

"I'm Happy Just To Dance With You" is George Harrison's only lead vocal on the Hard Day's Night album, fobbed off on him by John because 'I would never have sung it myself'. That's what mates are for, eh?

If there is a weak song on the movie soundtrack, then this is probably it: though they all seemed to have good enough fun running through it during the studio sequence. In America, it was held back for Something New.

With a succession of adventurous chord sequences, it does show some musical progression from previous compositions, but it's the lightweight lyric that really let's the song down: you can't help but agree with McCartney's evaluation of it as "formula".

It's hard to imagine even baby George (just turned twenty-one) telling any girl "I don't want to kiss or hold your hand" — and far less since he'd set his sights on Pattie... "I'm happy just to dance with you": c'mon, pull the other one! Harrison would have almost been justified in adapting one of his script lines:

Oh, I'm not singing that — it's grotty!

Nevertheless, he gave it his best shot: happy just to have a big-screen lead, I guess...
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