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"I'm Down"

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Same old thing happens every day!

Well, every album, at least: Paul jumps up and down and does his Penniman party-piece. This time, however, with "I'm Down", it was his own song rather than Richard's — and it was recorded too late to be included on the Help! LP, being issued instead as the flip to the title-track single.

Interesting juxtaposition: "Help me if you can, I'm down..."

Little Macca pulled out all the stops for one of his most roistering rock renditions, with the twelve-bar balls and call-and-response frenzy given further force by Lennon's manic organ part. Without a doubt, the definitive version is the Shea Stadium performance in August '65, where — closing the show before fifty five and a half thousand deliriously screaming punters and almost as many wincing cops — he resorted to playing with his elbows (rendering George virtually unable to play for laughing).

Paul — himself distinctly delirious — considered that John was just 'having a lot of fun', while Ringo reckoned he'd lost it completely.

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