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"I'll Get You"

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The Beatles' "I'll Get You" single on the Swan label
Oh yeah, oh yeah!
Oh yeah, oh yeah!

Imagine the cheek of it — reiterating the catchphrase from "She Loves You" on the very same 7" disc of vinyl... "I'll Get You" has always been one of my favourite 'Early Beatle' B-sides: I dunno, it's just so damn infectious. Went down well enough on stage, too: if the screamalong 'n' wet yer knickers Palladium version on Anthology 1 is anything to go by! And it's definitely not out of place amongst the heavyweight selection on the American Second Album, either. It's almost as if the song itself is issuing the challenge, not just the singers:

So I'm telling you, my friend,
That I'll get you, I'll get you in the end,
Yes I will, I'll get you in the end — oh yeah, oh yeah!

Get ya it will: "you might as well resign yourself." The co-lead vocal gives the song an edgy intensity that's simply impossible to ignore; and when the harmonies do come in, the impact is even stronger. No George solo this time: in fact, he's fairly subdued throughout, leaving Macca's chunky, chugging bass to do most of the work. Lennon's harmonica really stands out also, far more extensive than on previous outings, providing a melodic backdrop rather than just a hook-riff. Ringo, meanwhile, plays it nice and cool — letting in the handclaps in all the right places:

Oh yeah, oh yeah!
Oh yeah, oh yeah!
Oh-oh y-e-e-a-a-h!

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