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"I'll Follow The Sun"

Categories: Beatles songs

One day you'll look and see I've gone,
For tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun...

"Paul again. Can't you tell?" said John — tongue probably slightly in cheek.

A sixteen-year-old Paul had, in fact, written the bulk of it in his dad's front room, recovering from the flu: 'Liverpool's grey, but I'll follow the sun...' He'd kept it kind of quiet back in them rough, tough rocker days, but dusting it off for inclusion on For Sale worked out just fine. America had to wait until Beatles '65 to hear it.

It was evidently an early choice, too, being the first track to be recorded. I quite often skip straight to it from "Baby's In Black" (sorry, Chuck!*) and it follows on really well.

It also carries on very nicely from A Hard Day's Night's "Things We Said Today", with its pensive and slightly melancholy reflection on the future.

The interplay between the two acoustics and George's electric is quite simply exquisite, as is Ringo's respectfully restrained percussion. And that Lennon — the roughest, toughest rocker of 'em all — had certainly softened up some since the Moondogs days, throwing in some marvellously mellow vocal backing.

And now the time has come...

* What I actually do usually is program all the rockers together at the beginning or the end... or both.
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