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"I'll Cry Instead"

Categories: Beatles songs

Even though Lennon confesses that

I've got a chip on my shoulder
That's bigger than my feet,

and the Country and Western swagger of "I'll Cry Instead" seems to reinforce his cocky self-assuredness, the title speaks volumes about his current state of "Mixed-Up Confusion". Of course, 'big boys don't cry', especially big Beatles: so his weeping will have to be be done in private — assuming, that is, that a big Beatle could actually find a place to hide away.

Then, back to the macho posturing, with threats of indiscriminate revenge on the entire female race:

...you'd better hide all the girls,
I'm gonna break their hearts all round the world!

Mind you, along with his buddies, he was probably doing precisely that anyway, without even having to try...

Originally intended as part of the film score, it was replaced by "Can't Buy Me Love" at the last minute, in order to capitalize on the single's transatlantic smash status. Stateside, it became the opening track on Something New.
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