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"If I Fell"

Categories: Beatles songs

"If I Fell" surely remains one of the most exquisite of all the Beatle ballads — and all the work of that famed rocker-cynic, John Lennon! Perhaps that's why it was one of Kurt Cobain's all-time favourites...

With his tie defiantly loosened, JL's quest to find out 'what's it all about' is evident once again, right from the outset:

If I fell in love with you,
Would you promise to be true
And help me understand?

Check that smile on Ringo's face in the movie as Paul joins in on the vocal: it just about says it all about the sublime interplay they serve up between them on this track: the way they combine on those ecstatic rises and falls is positively sublime.

I couldn't stand the pain!

And George's impeccable twelve-string counterpoint is equally dreamy. Mustn't forget a respectful mention of the very real feeling of ethereal warmth created by the producer, either. Now, what was that fella's name again?

More down-to-earth is The Beatles' eternal desire to take things just a little further than they'd managed to take them before, in all aspects of their trade. It's summed up nicely in that neat little reference to a certain previous single:

//'Cos I've been in love before,
And I found that love was more
Than just holding hands...
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