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"I Want To Hold Your Hand" [LOVE version]

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Here they are — THE BEATLES!!!

OK, so Ed Sullivan's immortal intro didn't actually precede "I Want To Hold Your Hand" on The Beatles' first record breaking, crime stopping Show appearance in February '64. That honour went to "All My Loving", later released on Anthology 1. But, given its status as the song that started The Mania Stateside, having been custom written to do so — not to mention the legendary Mary-Jane Dylan connection — it's an appropriate enough lead in, I think you'll understand.

And I'll tell you something
else: it isn't the version which they played at the close of that set in February '64, either. Part of it — screaming hysteria included — was taken from the Hollywood Bowl rendition during their second trip later the same year: recorded, but unreleased on the eventual live album.

The Bowl tapes were of notoriously poor quality (the '65 gig was recorded equally badly), so the methodical Martins cleaned it up some by matching it to original 7" mix. Getting it to fit happy inside the breakneck concert pace, and executing a couple of exceedingly cunning cuts, they also slashed the single's 2:25 playtime by over a minute.

But, as history shows, that string of catchy little foot-tappers didn't stop there.

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