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"I Should Have Known Better"

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George Harrison and Pattie Boyd in the train scene in "A Hard Day's Night" (1964)
Lennon's harmonica intro for "I Should Have Known Better" (his last on any Beatles track) is what first inspired me to take up the instrument — and it sets us up perfectly for the song, with its up-tempo tune offsetting the rather more pensive lyric. Yes, it's another love song, but John's self-professed emerging obsession with Dylan begins to manifest itself in the questioning tone here:

I never realized what a kiss could be:
This could only happen to me,
Can't you see?
Can't you see?!!

Always loved his stretched vocal as he hits that repeated enquiry. Another Side of (his) Bob Dylan? John coyly played it all down in one of his last interviews saying, "Just a song. It doesn't mean a damn thing."

Inextricably tied to the guard's van scene in the film, Ringo provides "The Liverpool Shuffle" both with the playing cards and his drumkit. And while 'Our Paulie' tries his hardest to keep his Granddad clean, Little Georgie can scarcely keep his eyes off his wife-to-be, Pattie Boyd, still stunning in her sexy schoolgirl outfit!

You love me too!
You love me too!
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