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"I Call Your Name"

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"I Call Your Name" was the only Lennon/McCartney track on the UK "Long Tall Sally" EP, released in June, 1964, having been previously featured on The Beatles' Second Album in America.

It was actually John's song, and an old 'un at that: started several years before (pre-Hamburg), as 'one of my first attempts at a song'. It had already been recorded in '63 by scousemates Billy J Kramer and The Dakotas.

As a novice attempt, it's a tidy enough piece of work: but, just the same, Lennon's self-doubts were starting to show through the swank even back then — was I to blame?!! It's also another clear demonstration of how quickly the band were developing. The shift into the "don't you know" middle section was a particularly adventurous experiment, with its off-beat ska slant on the "Pretty Woman" riff.

Covers abound: The Mamas And The Papas' mellow take is a real treat, and even Mr Starkey got to give it a vocal shot years later — subcontracting his cowbell — on an all-star Lennon tribute TV special.

That kinda man!

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