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"I Am The Walrus" [LOVE version]

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It is, indeed, 'he': as you are me, and 1-2-3 brings all of it together.

"The Walrus" returns from the Mystery Tour, via the church, sidling in to the strains of his habitual see-saw siren rhythm.

The overall feel of his LOVE outing is very similar to the original trip, and the pig-gun running time is more or less identical. GMx2 were sufficiently expert-texpert to sit back on their cornflakes and settle for a 'straight' remix of the existing yellow matter custard, content to simply switch the semolina and pilchards between the exponentially increased channel options offered by 21st century technology.

It would, let's face it, have been pretty difficult to have made this particular track any goo-goo-g'joobier than it already was, so why get yer knickers in a twist?

The Egg Man, I'm sure, would have cracked a smile had he been around to hear it.

Don't you think the joker laughs at you?!!

The sights and sounds of the original psychedelic landscape are all revisited, from the English Garden to the Eiffel Tower; the strings to the choir. Mind you, we were clearly all mistaken in thinking that it was a BBC radio play that they used at the close, back in the elementary penguin days of That Summer.

As the dial gets twisted and the static settles, it becomes clear that it's vintage American TV we're tuning into, as a celebrated serviceable villain steps up to the mike...

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