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"Honey Pie"

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Paul had come to like-a this kinda hot kinda "Honey Pie" music via his father Jim, former trumpeter with and leader of a thirties jazz combo. And, as evidenced by certain inclusions on the two previous Beatles' LPs, he was seemingly determined to shove it down everybody else's throats too.

That said, this short-but-bitter-sweet meander down memory lane is a deliciously dreamy elicitation of old-time Music Hall, and somehow fits into the hotchpotch of The White to perfection. I certainly wouldn't have Side Four without it, anyway...

Macca's camped-up Noël Coward-style vocal delivery is so well-suited to his sorry pining for his lost love that you just can't imagine him doing it 'straight'. "Fruity", he described it himself. The other three are equally fructuous in their contributions: vocal and instrumental. If David Frost had mockingly referred to them as a 'Tearoom Orchestra' for "Hey Jude", here they turned the joke right back on him.

Ringo catches the soft-shoe shuffle splendiferously, and John's Django guitar is absolutely top-notch. George took the bass part here: all six strings of it, leaving Paul to tickle the ol' iv'ries. The clarinet provides the icing on the cake — or should that be the honey in the pie?!!

A word, too, for GM's production on the number. That megaphone vocal section and the overdubbed record crackles are simply spiffing in getting the whole thing to "hit the big time".
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