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"Honey Don't"

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Sorry, Ringo, but uh-huh yer 'can't help but love him for it' approach to singing don't quite get you through on "Honey Don't", even if King Carl Perkins himself did give you his personal blessing. Our Ritchie couldn't even blame the tonsils this time, like he'd done for "Matchbox", having had 'em whipped out in June while Jimmy Nicol sat in for ten gigs.

Having been a fave since he'd 'sung' it with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes (it was originally Perkins' B-Side to "Blue Suede Shoes"), Mr Starkey himself described the number as 'comfortable'. A little too cosy, perhaps. If the vocal had been any more laid-back, he'd've fallen off his drumstool... Everybody else is just as relaxed. The result of one of those early rooftop reefers, maybe?

Rock on George, for Ringo one time!

"Yeah, OK, Ring: psst — get another one together, Mal..."

On the much earlier and grittier version Live At The BBC, John actually took the vocal. He also retackled the song in the seventies, now cleaned up on the 'Home Tapes' disc of his Signature Box.

So how come you say you will when you won't?!!

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