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"Hold Me Tight"

Categories: Beatles songs

"Hold Me Tight" is probably the weakest self-penned track on With The Beatles: though "This Boy" gives it a run for its money on Meet them. You have to go along with the opinion of its principal composer — Paul — that was little more than 'a failed attempt at a single which then became acceptable album filler...'

It is 'acceptable' enough in that context, and certainly many of their peers would've been more than happy to've turned it out. Given the sheer quantity and quality of Len/Mac compositions at the time, it was maybe inevitable that the odd wobble would occur. "Hold Me Tight" is a Cavern Club stomper that just seems a little retro in the context of the other songs on the LP (its 1961 vintage is clearly evident). It actually plods more than it stomps: and far from 'holding it tight', Macca's vocal does wobble slightly out of key at times, and the enthusiasm of the backing sounds just a tad forced.

All good enough fun, but they should probably have donated it to Billy J Kramer, or Freddie and the Dreamers, or — why not? Gerry and the Pacemakers...
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