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"Hey Jude" [LOVE version]

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Hey Jude, don't make it bad:
Take a sad song, and make it better...

Well, 'better' perhaps not; but the Martins sure as hell made it different for LOVE, and kept it every bit as good as the original single. Three minutes shorter, too: though with so much musical texture, you scarcely have time to miss 'em.

There aren't many songs worthy of following "A Day In The Life", but this one — the band's first release on Apple — indisputably made the grade.

It all commences normally enough: just the familiar piano and lyric to let her into your heart, though the percussion, acoustic guitar and harmony vocals don't be afraid to come in for the second verse.

Ringo makes it back from the toilet in the nick of time once again to feel the pain for the bridge; John and George's acoustic/electric interplay and backing vox sounding fresher and sweeter than ever.

You have found her, now go and get her!

And thus, neatly skipping the second fool who plays it cool, and without so much as a 'fuckin' 'ell' from Mr Lennon, we're into the great na-na mantra, which is when G+G really start to let it out and let it in, moving the component parts around in the mix. Back in '68, amidst the conflicts of The White Album, the Fab Five had to move across London to Trident Studios to find an eight-track mixer to do the song justice. Nearly four decades later, with digital infinity at their disposal at Abbey Road, the task must have been substantially simplified.

Suddenly, it all gets stripped down to the drums and clap-a-sing-along (a favourite Paul live ploy), with the man himself ad-libbing away to his — and everyone else's — hearts' content. Back comes his bass line, beefier than ever, reintroducing the rest of the band, and the orchestra in its entire 36-piece glory, reprising in turn some other band.

Don't make it bad, Jude!
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