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Hey Jude (album)

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Beatles Hey Jude album cover art
Capitol's 1970 Hey Jude compilation was Allen Klein's first attempt to show The Beatles he'd be true to his word: 'If it's money y'want, boys, I'll get y'money...'

Abbey Road had leapfrogged the still-stalled Let It Be, and, wishing to keep the public sweet (in contrast to the atmosphere in the Apple camp), Klein authorised a US release, featuring a selection of tracks previously unissued on LP there.

It was a bit of a hotchpotch really, but the quality of the content was self-evident: thus, as a handy way to get your paws on a bunch of singles and B-sides — from "Paperback Writer" through to "John And Yoko" — it sold like hot cakes, peaking at Number Two on the Billboard Chart. "Can't Buy Me Love" and "I Should Have Known Better" were the 'true-stereo' British mixes, different to those featured on the original United Artists soundtrack album in America.

Provisionally titled The Beatles Again (just in case you'd forgotten 'em, folks), the name was changed at the last minute in order to cash in on the title track. I have to wonder if it was also perhaps an attempt by AK to ingratiate himself with the song's composer...

The front and back sleeve shots from the final photo session at Tittenhurst are rumoured to have been reversed, though this remains unconfirmed. Quite definite, however, is the fact that the cassette and reel-to-reel(!) versions had the two sides of music switched.

International editions abounded, and it became a popular import purchase in the UK, Parlophone not getting round to releasing it until '79. With the subsequent digital standardisation of the band's catalogue rendering it obsolete, it has never been issued CD.
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