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"Here, There And Everywhere"

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To lead a better life,
I need my love to be here...

Pure Paul: "Here, There And Everywhere" is another of those bittersweet ballads which alternately has me wanting to stick my fingers down my throat, and wondering at the impeccable crafting of it.

There's little recording trickery, apart from the echoey lead vocal: the track doesn't really call for it. The (g)ooooey harmonies and George's subtle guitar touches are a perfect match for the dreamy lyric.

Each one believing that love never dies,
Watching her eyes,
And hoping I'm always there.

A far cry from the tears of "For No One" on the flip side, or the frustration of "Looking Through You" on Rubber Soul. Lennon said at the time that it was the best track on Revolver and, shortly before his death, re-acknowledged it as one of the band's best songs ever. McCartney, too, still claims it as one of his all-time favourites, incorporating it into the set-list on his Back In The World tour.

The Love Song (or poem) has to be one of the oldest literary forms around, and coming up with a new slant on it can't be easy. It's easy enough to write off "Here, There and Everywhere" as corny and twee, but

Nobody can deny that there's something there...
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