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"Here Comes The Sun/The Inner Light (Transition)"

Categories: Beatles songs

Tablas and eastern string drones can only mean the return of Mr Harrison, and — sure enough — here he comes:

Sun, sun, sun:

Paul puts in the bass: 'only trying to help the track', and succeeding sublimely, as those Indian drums continue to patter within and without the acoustic guitar intro, a mournful bowed dilruba(?) arc dropping it in to the vocal. When Ringo's drums do come in, they're substantially tampered with throughout the verses, and extra vocal backing was borrowed from another Little Darling from Abbey Road.

And I say:
'It's alright!'

In the Cirque Show, 'the coming' is heralded by the dance of Krishna; stepping out from The Virgin's shadow, and reinforcing George Martin's view that — although ostensibly a straightforward little western pop tune — Here Comes The Sun is 'a very cosmic little song'. With aforementioned bassline further boosted by something Heavy, it truly dazzles.

A host of players arrive without travelling from Bombay, 1968, to rekindle "The Inner Light", coming together as LOVE's most transcendental transition.
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