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"Here Comes The Sun"

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With "Here Comes The Sun" opening Abbey Road's second side, Mr Harrison demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt that, as both a composer and a performer, he was more than ready for life beyond The Beatles.

While John and Paul had been busy arguing over which've 'em was Batman, The Boy Wonder had been finding his wings.

Little darling!

Having left 'em to it in the office one sunny spring morning ('sagging off school', as he put it himself), not long after being busted, George found himself in Eric Clapton's back garden with a borrowed acoustic, 'and that song just came'.

Whether or not Clappy was inside borrowing Pattie at the time has never been disclosed...

What with all the antagonisms of the Get Back/Let It Be sessions, and the general bad vibe within the band, it had indeed

been a long, cold, lonely winter

and really must have seemed

like years since it's been clear.

As much as anticipating to a spot of decent weather, George was almost certainly looking forward his imminent liberation from Beatledom:

And I say:
'It's alright!'

It's elaboration in the studio was as meticulous as anything else on the LP. John was unavailable for the initial recording, recovering from his car accident, so the line-up was: George on guitar (which he later reworked), Paul on bass and Ringo drumming. The vocal — a wonderfully warm rendition from The Quiet One — was overlaid subsequently, with the Harrimac backing double-tracked.

Harmonium and handclaps came next, followed by the extensive orchestration; credit — as ever — to Mr Martin for his intuitive reading of what was required. Last, but certainly not least, GH added his magnificent Moog motifs, which truly get the track flying.

That's the way y'shoulda done it, Icarus!

Although "The Sun" was slightly eclipsed by "Something" else George wrote on the album, it has nevertheless proved to be a popular choice amongst other artists, from the basking skank of Peter Tosh to Steve Harley's shining effort.

And I say:
'It's alright!'
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