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"Her Majesty"

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"Funny, innit?" as Ringo remarked about the timescale distortion between Abbey Be and Let It Road. Had "Her Majesty" graced us with her royal presence on the former/latter album (saying '"no" to pot-smoking FBI members' perhaps), or even on The White one, then she'd've probably been dealt with in four or five lines.

Her usurping of the crown at The End of The Road, however, has served to assure her far more enduring historical infamy.

She doesn't have a lot to say,

but there she remains, nonetheless: truncated final note 'n' all.

Her position as a perverse P.S. to the Great Cosmic Couplet actually came about by accident. Having been dethroned from the medley, 'twixt Mustard and Pam, she faced the indignity of the cutting room floor ('orf with her head!'), till Geoff Emerick — for reasons unexplained — decided to splice her onto the tail of the tape-spool.

Paul — for similarly undisclosed motives — decided that there she should stay, thus seizing the ultimate Oh Yeah and the Last Love.

I'm guessing that Macca popped the bubble of the Command Performance deliberately, probably to avoid accusations of over-pomposity and pretentiousness.

Either that, or it was just an irreverent little prank which seemed funny while he'd got himself a belly-full of wine.

Hands up: how often do you hit 'stop' before she breaks the spell?
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