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"Help!" [LOVE version]

Categories: Beatles songs

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"Help!" is maybe the last thing you expect after the preceding Heavy onslaught: but it's an appropriate enough response, nonetheless.

Left largely unaltered from the movie soundtrack, it drives along with all the urgency of the '65 original. The desperate plea from Lennnon's mid-twenties crisis is as evident as ever, while the Harrimac backing (or is that 'fronting'?) comes across like it's never done before.

Re-tweaking it just enough to occupy the multiple channels of the digital era must have brought back a lot of memories for George Martin: "Help!" — the instrumental track nailed in a single take — was the first Beatlesong he bounced up from four bands to make 'em into eight, back in yesterday's good old analogue age, so much younger than today.

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