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"Got To Get You Into My Life"

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"Got To Get You Into My Life" is a belting Atlantic/Motown/Stax-style soul number, horn section 'n' all. Three trumpets and two saxes provide the flourishes, the first time either instrument had been featured on a Beatles track. The amount of grafting and crafting that went into Revolver (in a relatively short time) is clear to hear, comparing the final LP version with the Anthology run-through.

McCartney's vocal — smooth as silk for the verses and raucously ripping into the chorus — is spot-on, with the backing boys as dependable as ever; and that ringing guitar towards the end giving it a further edge. Fine and funky though it is, Earth Wind & Fire's 1978 disco cover (the only worthwhile version to have emerged from the otherwise horrendous Bee Gees Sgt Pepper movie) doesn't even come close to catching its energy.

On a cursory listening it comes over as a straightforward, exuberant love song:

I was alone, I took a ride, I didn't know what I would find there:
Another road, where maybe I could see another kind of mind there...

Once you know that the object of desire was actually marijuana, however, it takes on a completely new light (have you got a light?)

'Reefers are hard to avoid in The Beatles' story', said George: and although none of the band ever actually advocated using drugs — outside of their own inner-circle, at least — as representatives of their generation, they certainly weren't the only ones who were beginning to say:

Got to get you into my life
(Every single day!)

And, of course, a whole load of people were simultaneously starting to turn the ride into a trip; though, at this stage, pot was as far as Paul had got.

In that context, then, the song also provides a pretty well perfect pop prelude to the other kind of mind of "Tomorrow Never Knows".
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