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"Good Day Sunshine"

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A booming crescendo of piano, drums and backward cymbal opens side two with Paul's upbeat salute to a bright new morning and a beautiful girl.

"Good Day Sunshine" provides an interesting counterpart to "I'm Only Sleeping" on the other side of Revolver: Lennon pulling the sheets over his head; while Macca's up and about, all bright-tailed and bushy-eyed. And far from the psychedelic sounds of the latter, this is a different type of musical experimentation altogether: again, very Paul. Another example of his eternal desire to dabble in all kinds of musical styles, the piano backing (diddly-dum for the verses and rinkety-tink for the instrumental break) give it an old-time Music Hall feel. His trusty viola bass is the only guitar featured on the track.

The levity of the lyrics further emphasises the feel-good tone:

Then we lie
Beneath a shady tree:
I love her and she is loving me...

McCartney confessed that the Lovin' Spoonful's happy-go-lucky "Daydream", a hit single earlier in the year, had been a big influence. "Custom made for a daydreamin' boy!" There's also quite a mellow, yellow kinkiness to it: something in the air round then?!!

The whole thing comes off very nicely: the good-time vibe oozes through thick enough to have you hummin' it all morning. And anyway, it's worth listening to just to get to those deliciously modulated harmonies in the fade-out.

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