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"Gnik Nus"

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Turning things back-to-front by mistake had resulted in a very stoned John Lennon finding his "Rain" sound back in '66.

Forty years later, on LOVE, it was Giles Martin who fortuitously whoopsed: this time with "Sun King", though his head-state at the time hasn't been confirmed. Wishing simply to reverse a cymbal sample, he inadvertently inverted the vocal track along with it.

On playing it back (no pun intended), Dad was delighted by the melody: and, in the certain knowledge that it was 'just the sort of thing that John would have gone for', set it over a shimmering sitar wash to create "Gnik Nus" — a perfect crossing into Something else from Abbey Road.

Gnihgual s'ydobyreve,
Yppah s'ydobyreve...

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