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"Glass Onion" [LOVE version]

Categories: Beatles songs

Oh yeah — o-oo — oh yeah: here we are, "Looking Through A Glass Onion", the drum-in dovetailed immaculately onto the deadstop of Get Back, with a little extra aurally-friendly weirdness slapped in to fully fix the hole where the rain gets in.

Hello, hellonothing is real!
(Oh yeah...)

If ever a Beatles´song was designed to get you thinking about other Beatles´songs, then John's little résumé from The White was the one. But lend a close ear to that accompanying acoustic:

Then you will remember
"Things We Said Today..."

In their recipe for LOVE, the Martins peeled and diced just under half of the onion with some slices of Strawberry and a fine-chopped Penny Lane piccolo trumpet. It was then marinaded in Magical Mystery horns (with perhaps a peck of pickled Pepper), to serve up the first course of a whole feast of psychedelic flashbacks on the album.

But first there's some rice to be prepared.
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