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"Get Back" [LOVE version]

Categories: Beatles songs

"A Hard Day's CHANGGG", and in come the drum and guitar solos from "The End" of Abbey Road. With a suspiciously backwards sounding schwip, a hoard of screaming girlies heralds the intro into "Get Back".

Suddenly, somewhere in the middle of the overlaid "Day In The Life" headrush, you suddenly realize that "The End" hadn't really ended either.

It truly is an epic introduction: but he knew it couldn't last and, without further ado, we're into the track proper.

Get back Jojo!

Don't really matter much which of the myriad versions of this song George and Giles employed for the two-minute taster on the LOVE soundtrack (or combinations thereof) — you're always gonna picture The Beatles and Billy up there on the roof in Let It Be whenever you hear it. Freezing their balls off, playing their hearts out:

Get back home!

Whereas PC Plod of The Met had been responsible for bringing the original rendition to an abrupt halt, here it's a reprise of Sgt Pepper's "Life" crescendo which gets to do the dirty work.

Get back to where you once belonged...(CUT!)
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