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"For You Blue"

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Speaking about "For You Blue" — the B-side of the "Long And Winding Road" single — composer George Harrison observed that it's "a simple twelve-bar song following all the normal twelve-bar principles, except that it's happy-go-lucky..."

Sweet and lovely, you might say. If he could have been accused of coming on too strong with "I Me Mine" on the first side of Let It Be, any such criticisms are breezed away here. George had always proved himself capable of combining his cosmic concerns with an appreciation of more earthly pleasures: more often than not, as in this case, in the form of his then-wife Pattie.

I loved you from the moment that I saw you:
You looked at me, that's all you had to do!

An 'in love blues' is, in itself, an unusual concept (the missing final 's' in the title was, apparently, a straightforward spelig misteak), and The Beatles playing a more-or-less straightforward blues was a fairly unusual venture for them. Nevertheless, judging by the film-clips, it was one of their most unified moments in the studio during the whole of the month. The quality of their playing — and of George's vocal — are the real reasons it sounds so 'simple'. Aside from stripping away the delay, the Naked cut is identical.

Harri's busy acoustic and Ringo's slap-happy drumming rendered a bassline superfluous, allowing Paul to tinker along merrily on the piano. And what about "Go Johnny Go" on lap-slide?

Elmore James has got nothin' on this, baby!
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