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"Fixing A Hole"

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"Fixing A Hole" in Paul's ability to relate to the rest of the band had been no easy process...

George: "We'd been trying to get him to take LSD for about eighteen months."

Paul: "It took me quite while to get round to it..."

Nowhere else on his Pepper tracks is it more evident that Macca had at last succumbed to peer pressure and personal curiosity and finally lost his lysergic virginity, even if he did qualify the song as 'just another pot anthem'.

Mr Martin's baroquesque harpsichord flutter provides a brief introduction, then Mr Starkey thoughtfully taps his little hammer to lend a helping hand:

I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in
And stops my mind from wandering
Where it will go...

Now that Paul was "taking the time for a number of things that weren't important yesterday", his first priority seemed to be the construction of some sort of psychedelic sanctuary in which he could happily let his mind go "where it will go"; free from the headaches, distractions and hassle-mongers of the physical world outside. LSDIY!

"Wrong or right", the long-debated decision to drop that tab must've definitely helped him get back in tune with the other three. A year-and-a-half in the life of The Beatles was a very long time: look at it this way; we're going well back before Rubber Soul... As McCartney himself put it, 'We can't all be in the band with me being the only one who hasn't taken it...'

Where I belong
I'm right where I belong!

So keen was he to get the job underway, that he couldn't even wait for a hole in Abbey Road's booking schedule; work on the track was started at Regent Sound Studios. Musically, while it certainly ain't full-on acid rock, the song's multiple textures nevertheless give it a suitably surreal quality.

A thick coat of bass paint provides a sound surface for George and Paul's guitars to stencil intricately interlacing paisley patterns across, leaving little patches of the original harpsichord motif to show through here and there. George did later comment that this was one of the first of those McTiculous 'do it my way' tracks which later caused so much antagonism between them.

Ringo provides a few embellishments all his own, and the whole thing is sealed with a couple of layers of high-gloss Lennison vocal varnish.

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