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"Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby"

Categories: Beatles songs

Carl Perkins again, but with George taking on microphone duties this time. He makes a better job of "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby" than Ringo's "Honey Don't", but there's not really that much in it... I dunno — it is a bit of a silly lyric, so maybe that's why his vocal sounds a little self-conscious as he tries to strut his sex-symbol status. I mean to say:

Well, they took some honey from a tree,
Dressed it up and they called it me...?!!

Or, possibly, our Georgie was a little nervous about the bollocking Pattie was going to give him when she copped those

Fifty woman hangin' round my door!

Mind you, he'd been singing it for a long time before she'd come onto the scene, and continued to do so right up to Shea. On the record, everyone's considerably tighter than the probably intentional casualness with which they'd accompanied Ringo, all gettin' well on down in the process.

Nevertheless, it doesn't quite work as the final word on either the British or the American album: neither ballsy enough nor thoughtful enough — though it was rather feistier when they recorded it for one of their very final BBC sessions: a 1964 Christmas Special. The funky false ending on the LP versions is maybe the only logical explanation for its placement.

Ev'rybody's trying to be my jelly baby now!
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