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"Every Little Thing"

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Nearly "Every Little Thing" about this great little song song is just a tad unusual, even by Beatle standards. It was written pretty much solely by McCartney, an exuberant anthem to Jane Asher, but Lennon takes the lead vocal. No George H at all, John also supplying the guitar solo. George M boosts the bass with some hefty piano chords, whilst Ringo backs it up with a resounding double-boom on timpani drums.

The whole thing was constructed over two days of session work, fleshing out the romantic poetry of the lyric and its pretty pop-folk melody.

There is one thing I'm sure of:
I will love her forever,
For I know love will never die!

Although a bit buried on For Sale, it provides a neat finish to Beatles VI, following "Tell Me What You See" very nicely indeed.

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