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"Eleanor Rigby/Julia (Transition)"

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As the last orchestral wafts of onion still linger, the yeahs give way to a solitary, elongated aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Here's another clue for you all: the writer was Paul — though it's George Martin's strings arrangement which formally introduces Eleanor Rigby to LOVE.

No matter where 'they all come from', assorted elements of the Anthology version flow effortlessly in and out of various parts of the original Revolver vocal, and they truly 'all belong'. In re-ensembling the double quartet with the counterpoint harmony he'd also been responsible for, GM — with Jr — actually elongates the tale by nigh on a minute. The immaculate composite captures the haunting spirits of all the lonely people to appropriately eerie effect.

Julia Stanley
Died at the side of the street
While the ambulance came:
Lennon in pain.

Losing his mother when he was just seventeen left an indelible mark on John, and summoning her soul to join the others via his acoustic elegy as the sighs swirl away is a sweet tribute to both mother and son. 'Transition' is a well-chosen word here, just to reach you.

Here comes the ambulance, always too late.

Or is that a Mr City Police Car siren approaching through the thickening lysergic day in the nine mist?

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