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"Eight Days A Week"

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"Eight Days A Week" was unreleased as a single in the UK, but gave The Beatles their first chart-topper of '65 in America, released in February, ahead of its inclusion on Beatles VI.

I've always thought that you can hear the extent of the band's fatigue in this song more than anywhere else on For Sale. They had, after all, been working at least an eight-day week throughout the entire year: touring, filming, writing, recording...

The title was actually pilfered from a throwaway comment by one of their drivers to Paul. John, who co-wrote it, was never fully convinced of its merits: "We struggled to record it and struggled to make it into a song". Certainly, if you listen to the Anthology pre-takes, they did seem to be a bit lost as they strove to get it together. The familiar fade-up intro overrode early "ooooooo" vocal attempts, as did its repetition as the outro.

Don't get me wrong, I still can't help loving the track — and by almost anyone else it would be premier league material. By Beatle standards, however, it just comes across slightly lacklustre. The ploddy, offbeat rhythm seems to reflect their state of near-exhaustion, and even the vocal's a bit flat (not musically, of course, but in terms of enthusiasm). The Beatles always strove for perfection: Lennon, at least, recognised that they didn't quite attain it every time.
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