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"Drive My Car/The Word/What You're Doing"

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The "Drive My Car/The Word/What You're Doing" medley picks right up from where the mania of "Hold Your Hand" hadn't quite left off. It's one of the slickest mixes on LOVE, slippin' back 'n' forth between the component parts without missing a beat — and slidin' in a few groovy little surprises along the way.

Whether or not GM Sr had had anything to do with the "Beatles Movie Medley" single which accompanied the Reel Music compilation in 1982, I have been unable to ascertain. Whatever the case, the mash up here comes across very similar: though the ability to digitally dabble with the different sound elements allowed for far more flexibility in their crossings over.

The Car starts up smoothly enough, escapes the still-screaming fans, round the first curve and into the chorus. Then — before you've really twigged that you shouldn't be — you're listening to the "Savoy Truffle" horns blaring over the motor. If the players had grumbled about the distortion on the original recording, lord knows what they made of this bit of sonic manipulation:

Beep-beep — mmm — beep-beep, YEAH!

Time for a guitar solo — so in comes Macca's "Tax-Axe", sitting so pretty that you'd never guess it hadn't always been there... if you didn't actually know it. Few backing vox tossed in too — also "Taxman", perhaps (or do I get a whiff of "If I Needed Someone" here?)

The solo skids niftilly back into the final lick from the original track — also Paul's.

What you're doing...

Driving things back a little further, to Beatles For Sale, that's "what you're doing to me-e!" We're treated to the first two verses, largely left alone, right up to Ringo's neat little intro-cum-fill break.

It's so fine,
It's sunshine,
It's The Word:

Of course, there was no way John's Evangel from Rubber Soul wasn't gonna get its way onto the new album somewhere or other, given the title! Drops in off those drums just fine, too — though its curtailment by the returning beep-beep volley could be taken as a tad sacrilegious in certain quarters.

Like I said, this track is one of the slickest mixes on LOVE, but I have to say that — for me, at least — the novelty wore of quite quickly once I'd got used to those unexpected insertions.

The "Movie Medley" was inspired by the massive success of the truly cheesy "Stars On 45" single, and this one kinda winds up being just a little too reminiscent of both.

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