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"Don't Pass Me By"

Categories: Beatles songs

As the world's first Starkey solo composition, "Don't Pass Me By" — written "in a fit of lethargy" (or "liturgy"), according to John — sits quite comfortably thank you very much alongside some of his more prolific partners' dafter tracks on The White.

In fact, according to an alleged McCartney quip during a 1964 radio interview, it had taken him four years to finish it... Nevertheless, it was only Paul who didn't pass him by, make him cry or make him blue when he had finally got it together: banging in the bass and doubling up the piano part.

In addition to his ivory-tickling, our Ritchie drummed up some of his finest for the occasion — false finish 'n' all — and knocked away on his old front cowbell relentlessly. He launched himself equally lustily into his country-scouse vocal, perfectly matched to the kooky lyric: which was taken, in some quarters, as further fuel for the similarly silly McCarcrash story and possibly instigating a few 'Paul Is Bald' sub-rumours into the bargain.

The Starr of the show was evidently eager to get it on the road: aside from not waiting for John and George to get their acts together, it was one of the first songs to be recorded for the album. Ringo has also quite rightly drawn attention to Jack Fallon's fiddle playing on the song — conspicuously absent on the Anthology 2 take — wheedling its way through the general chaos to fine effect.
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