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"Don't Bother Me"

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Here it is, discretely tucked away mid-side on With The Beatles: Little Georgie's compositional debut, "Don't Bother Me" — banged off in a hotel in Bournemouth, sick in bed, just to see if he could actually do it. Hotel, eh? No more grotty guest houses for these boys! On the American Meet LP, however, it got to open Side Two, hailed by a shower of jelly babies.

'It mightn't even be a song at all', he later reflected.

I've always reckoned it qualifies, whatever his own reservations. Can you picture him, humbly singing it through in his room (one each!) waiting for the reaction of the dynamic duo? Must've been quite a daunting ordeal.

It is a very different sort of song to those which his established buddies were churning out at the time — very George with its 'loner' perspective — but they obviously gave him the thumbs-up, and he carries it off nicely on the record. All credit to the quiet one for goin' it his way.

Double-tracking the vocal may have been intended to boost his confidence, but it also serves to add quite a sombre edge to the whole thing:

Don't come around,
Leave me alone,
Don't bother me!

Belting bouncy bassline from Paul, and Ringo's bongos also help to make it "never be the same" as the rest of the record: as do the writer's resonating guitar splashes — once again anticipating his soon-to-come twelve-string.
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