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"Dizzy Miss Lizzy"

Categories: Beatles songs

"Dizzy Miss Lizzy" is a straightforward ripping rocker, perhaps placed to blow "Yesterday" out of the water at the end of Help!. On the American Beatles VI album, it's a slightly incongruous inclusion amidst the slowies of side two.

Lennon takes the vocal, as on "Bad Boy", also by Larry Williams, and recorded during the same session: coincidentally(?) Larry's birthday. Mind you, it took George Martin to rile John into raunching it up, informing him that the first take "wasn't exciting enough..." If "Twist And Shout" had knackered his vocal cords back on Please Please Me, you have to wonder how they were after this double take:

Come on an' give me fever!!!

Everyone pulls it off with predictable panache: after all, they'd all been just a-rockin' an' a-rollin' for long enough by this stage to be able to do it in their sleep. It was also one of the last songs they performed for the BBC. A particular favourite of Ringo's, by all accounts: and — perhaps more surprisingly — of Brian Epstein's too. It clearly remained one of John's as well, being included in his Live Peace In Toronto set in '69.
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