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"Dig A Pony"

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"Dig A Pony" was taken from the rooftop concert on the original Let It Be album, as it was on Naked — re-edited on the latter to stripe Ringo's ciggie-fumbling "hold it!" false start and John's gratified "thank you, brothers" finish — as well as digitally retuning an alleged bum vocal note.

Originally entitled "All I Want Is You", and supposedly beginning and ending with the words — as on the earlier take to be found on Anthology 3 — the lyrical introutro was cut from both versions of LIB. It had been one of the first songs the band had nailed at Twickenham, so by the time they got round to serenading the West End with it, everyone was more than ready to crank it up — and hang the consequences:

You can penetrate any place you go!

"You just take words and you stick 'em together", said Lennon — who actually had to read them off a clipboard up on the roof. "'Meaning' is secondary". It ain't what you say, it's the way that you say (or sing) it: and this is a truly exceptional vocal performance, Johnny Moondog inimitably aided and abetted by Paul, all their differences temporarily set aside for the sake of the song. They might not've been talking, but they could sure as hell still sing together.

You can radiate everything you are!

With Billy Preston sitting out, this really was 'The Beatles as nature intended' — just the four of 'em, freezing their nuts off ("feel the wind blow") but cooking up a storm. The tried 'n' trusted McStarkey team carry the rhythm section between 'em: all soft and sensitive for the verses, then blazing away the cold as they surge into the bridges and refrains.

Sharing the guitar lead, that old Lennison telepathy comes right to the fore once again: both of 'em feeling it — and absolutely loving every single moment of it. The lyric-melody solo on this track is one of the very finest on any Beatles' composition.

Ev'rything has got to be just like you want it to!

And it was.



If you don't why by now, go roll a stoney...

I told you so!

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