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"Devil In Her Heart"

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"Devil In Her Heart" was originally "Devil In His Heart": a single by The Donays, a girl group from Detroit — and pretty much the only thing they ever recorded. George Harrison had picked it up on an import copy, and had been singing it on stage for a year or so before committing it to vinyl on With The Beatles. But did he have another cold when they did it?

Aside from altering the gender references — "She's an angel sent to me" — and, naturally, (especially given the cold) the vocal pitch, he doesn't actually deviate very much at all from the earlier take.

Neither do the rest of them, really. The backing and the harmonies are virtually identical —

Don't take chances...

It is, however, substantially better produced: George Martin was the real angel here.

A neat interpretation, but nothing out of this world,

No no nay!

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