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"Come Together/Dear Prudence/Cry Baby Cry (Transition)"

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Sir George believes "Come Together" to be 'one of The Beatles' greatest tracks', on account of the way all its individual elements came together as they experimented with the then new eight-track Abbey Road recording system.

One and one and one is three...

Getting their monkey fingers all over the mojo filters of more modern recording technology to decon-reconstruct those component parts for LOVE, he and his son got Ol' Flat Top groovin' up as fresh and feisty as he always come.

For Giles, the song represents 'The Beatles playing live at their economical and inspirational best'. Re-producing the original spirit of the song, jammed into shape as they were falling apart — everyone's contributions get played up here and there. Paul and Ringo's underpinning chess game is more intriguing than ever, and George's acoustic jumps out alongside John's keyboards. Lennon's boosted vocal interjections, meanwhile, provide the perfect foil for what was always some of his most inspirational guitar playing.

Inspirational, too, is the way "Dear Prudence" comes so briefly but decisively out to play among the majestically bendy end notes — and do I also detect the return of the Strawberry Morse Moog?

It's beautiful...

Paul's creepy "Take Me Back" coda from Brother John's creepy "Cry Baby" comes in, coming across creepier than ever over the "Rigby" strings and "Another Day In The Life" interlude.

Dominic Champagne, the show's director, had asked for something 'disturbing' to herald the forthcoming "Revolution".

I'll drink to that!
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