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"Carry That Weight"

Categories: Beatles songs

Boy, you're gonna carry that weight;
Carry that weight a long time...

The burden of being a Beatle, to be borne for a lifetime (however long or short that would prove to be).

That's why they all join in: Ringo singing his socks off with the rest of 'em, having kicked in the switch in the first place, the basic track being recorded directly onto the end of "Slumbers". 'Singin' it about all of us', said John, who added his voice later, when he'd recovered from his crash damage.

An orchestral funny paper flashback foretells the financial furore in which they were all soon to be embroiled. "Give Me Your Money": no pillow to cushion the fall, just George's chimes of anticipated freedom flashing:

And, in the middle of the celebrations,
I break down...

Carry that Weight to The End, Boys.
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