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"Blue Jay Way"

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1567 Blue Jay Way, where George Harrison wrote the Beatles song "Blue Jay Way" in 1967 (from Google Street View)

There was apparently a fog (or a smog) upon Blue Jay Way when Google sent its Street View van there too. (This view looks at the house George was living in and beyond to what is a sweeping view of the city on a clear day.)
Like many an iffy telemovie, this song "is based on real events".

A jet-lagged George was sitting in an apartment on Blue Jay Way, Los Angeles, awaiting a visit from old mate Derek Taylor, who phoned to say he was going to be late on account of the fog.

Noticing a Hammond organ in the corner of the room, Mr H began to tinker, simply to keep himself awake. The plodding monotone of the lyric is indicative both of his frustration at the situation and his time-zone disorientation, and the pea-soupy mix of the organ and accompanying cello is as dense as the fogbank recounted in the tale. John and Paul's creepy backing vox ably evoke los paranoias, though there are those who claim that the reversed vocal loops actually contain yet more mentions of the McCartney mortality.

Maybe our Georgie would've been better off grabbing forty winks, or doing a spot of meditation till Derek did arrive: the song is a clear indication that most anecdotes do benefit from a little embellishment. As "Blue Jay Way" drones on and on, I usually find myself applying the words of the refrain to the song as a whole:

Please don't be long, or I will be asleep...

Having said all that, he does look extremely cool in the superbly psychedelic film sequence — love that saffron suit, man!

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