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Why she had to go onto LOVE is pretty clear cut, now isn't it? With "Yesterday" firmly established as the most recorded song of all time, also being George Martin's first orchestral score for the band, it clearly has to form a part of any telling of The Beatles' story.

Whether or not we were all a little weary of it was another matter, of course: which is why he and his son 'agonised' over its inclusion. The decision was made for 'em when Giles played the song to test out the theatre's sound system, in the early days of the project. Le Cirque's set constructors — big, strapping lads, every half-man of 'em — suddenly and simultaneously downed tools in order to listen.

Introducing it with a brief excerpt from "Blackbird — a later McOnly acoustic effort — was such an easy game to play, segueing seamlessly. My only grumble is that she didn't get to fly a little longer,

Into the light of the dark black night.

And, as for that other chick, even after all these years she still woudn't say "why she had to go". Let's go find another place to hide away...
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